In Tribunale


Do you envisage any limitations to the type of texts or websites for which you offer your services?

We accept any type of document, whose contents are not deemed unlawful (ranging from inciting racial hatred, paedophilia, exploitation of minors to committing offences of any kind).

Do you also take on small jobs?

Certainly, because our main objective is to satisfy our client’s needs.

Do translators translate into several languages?

Our team is composed solely of mother tongue translators, who are perfectly able to understand the source language text and to translate it only and exclusively into their native language.

Do you work with companies or private individuals?

We work with all kinds of clients.

How can we send you the documents to be translated and receive a quote?

Just send an email to our email address, attaching the document and specifying the required target language. We will reply as soon as possible with a detailed quote.

I am a translator and I would like to collaborate with you. How can I send you my CV?

Send your application to our email address and we will gladly insert your name in our translators’ database.

Do you envisage establishing ongoing collaborations with companies that often require your services?

Customer loyalty is one of our main goals, therefore we believe it is extremely important to establish a relationship of trust and continuity with companies, law firms and private individuals. This is why we draw up our best quote on a case-by-case basis.

How do you set your prices?

Unlike other translation agencies, which provide quotations directly online based only on text length, we carefully analyse the documents to be translated every time and prepare a quote that takes into account the target language, text characteristics, required delivery time and our relationship with the client.

Are your prices competitive?

Thanks to the direct involvement of our translator colleagues, without any external intermediation, we are able to offer attractive prices, while maintaining high quality services.

What are your delivery times?

We aim to offer a prompt, efficient service, while maintaining high quality work outputs. If clients have urgent requirements, we are prepared to also work weekends.

What type of payment methods do you accept?

Cash, bank transfers and credit cards. We have no standard payment method and deadline terms; these are determined for each translation.

What guarantees do you offer on the quality of the services you provide?

The guarantee lies in our expertise and professional experience as specialised mother tongue translators. Under no circumstances is automatic machine translation software used.